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Is Christmas Legit?

Is the day of Jesus Christ's birth really December 25? That is doubtful since there was a census going on at the time which is the reason his earthly father and pregnant mother traversed to a different town than where they actually lived. They lived in Nazareth yet their place of origin was Bethlehem and that's where the Roman government demanded that they go to be counted. The census was typically done soon after harvesting the crops so that would not have occurred this late in the year.

Another topic of debate is whether God told us to celebrate Jesus' birth. No, he didn't, but as I've heard some say, "He didn't tell us to celebrate it but He also didn't tell us NOT to."

There are plenty of other debatable things surrounding Christmas like Santa Claus, the origin of the Christmas tree, and so on, but it really gets down to where's your heart in all this? There are plenty of people that sadly don't believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and for them, Christmas, as far as celebrating His birth goes, is a farce, but I bet they enjoy the festiveness of the season and all the great food and gifting.

I say we all celebrate and enjoy the parts of it that WE enjoy and let others enjoy what they enjoy and let it all be.

God enjoys a joyful heart and a cheerful giver and won't say no to celebrating His Son's birth and life so enjoy this season with all you've got. Have a Merry Christmas.


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