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How close are we to the end?

Define 'end'.

I am approaching this article with the assumption that you are not a Christian and that you are concerned about the current global events and don't know what to think about how they are affecting the next set of events related to possible pre-determined or foretold outcomes provided by a/the Divine entity that shows an interest in us. By starting with this assumption, I can successfully address anyone that reads this article without leaving anyone out.

Since you may not be a Christian, I'll explain that there are three ends. One is the end as we know it, the second is the end as we aren't familiar with yet, and the final one? Read on. I'll keep this short and simple, but to do so I'll need to bring you up to speed at light velocity. I'll include hyperlinks so you can reference where I'm coming from. The info will appear in new windows so you won't lose your place here.

The three ends

The first end is the end as we know it. As you've observed, the powers that be, also known as the wealthy elite, of this world have huddled together and have devised a plan to collectively hoard the real world wealth which is real estate, gold, and controlling the masses. They will institute this plan when they initiate their global digital currency. At this point they will be able to control how and where we spend our money with approved reipients. If we don't conform then they will simply freeze or confiscate our assets.

During this time there will be 7 years of devastating turmoil like none other in history nor will occur afterward. I don't have hyperlinks for this because there is not a single verse that states this, rather a culmination of chapters that spell out this terrible time.

The second end will mark the end of the 7 year turmoil and usher in a new beginning of peace on Earth that will last for 1000 years.

The third and final end will conclude the 1000 years. At this point the eternal destiny of all people of the Earth that ever lived will be decided based on 'the decision' they made during life.

The final beginning

Would you agree that mankind has disastrously polluted this universe and Earth including all the space junk orbiting it? Well there's good news! The next step is for the entire universe to be wiped out then re-created--never to be polluted again. This is the beginning of a utopian eternity that will never see death and destruction again. I can't wait. How about you?

Answering your questions

Does this all sound far fetched? Are you asking, "How can this guy be so sure of what he's saying and be so sure that the Bible is all true?" You might be thinking, "I've heard so many conflicting stories and theories and religions that I don't know what to think anymore, but I want to know the truth." That's a great place to start. I'll break it down for you and let you decide.

Let's begin with the universe. Our Creator designed a magnificent universe and also designed us to be in awe of it for our sake--so we couldn't honestly deny His existence.

Now let's understand who our Creator is. He has no beginning (I know that's tough to swallow, but let's go with it) and He has no end. Let's be glad of that. End of Him means end of us.

God has a name but it's too holy for mankind to know or say for now so He has disguised it. Instead He gave mankind a few of the letters of his name. In English they are translated from Hebrew (the language of that day) as YHWH. Mankind tends to call Him by his appointment, God. His Son came down to Earth and lived a 100% blameless life SO THAT He could die on the cross in our place for our sins so that we could have the ability, if we so choose, to live with Him forever. His name is Jesus (Christ is the word, messiah, in Greek, the language of that day). He was nicknamed, The Word, because He epitomized the written words of God in the Bible. He is all God and all human.

You may have heard of the Trinity. Our Creator is three entities in One--the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Father is the entity that stayed in Heaven while the Son, Jesus Christ, walked the Earth over 2000 years ago and the Holy Spirit is the entity that dwells in Christians who are born again. That's how they are born again. They have the Spirit of God now in them. That doesn't mean they are now sinless. We have all been witness to that. It simply means that Christians have a greater ability to say no to sin and also have a spiritual connection with the Father that gives them the right to live with Him forever.

Are you now asking,"Okay, suppose I believe this stuff. How do I become born again?" Here are some folks who asked the same question and were answered.

Here are a few more scriptures that will explain your need for a relationship with YHWH (Jesus). At the bottom of that page there are helps with whatever your decision is.

Why did YHWH go to all the trouble to create all this and these interuptions in the timeline?

In short, He wanted to create a species in His likeness who has the choice whether they want to have a relationship with Him. Those who choose Him are, then, made righteous in His sight so they have the ability to live with Him forever. Those who don't choose Him, reject His redemption and forfeit life with Him. It's their choice. Don't you prefer to be with friends and loved ones who want to be with you rather than feel obligated to be with you?

You may object,"But that's not fair. I know plenty of 'good' people that wouldn't hurt a flea that 'deserve' to 'go to Heaven'." I understand your objection and I know folks that hold fast to that, but this is God's universe and we get to play by His rules and His rules state that our ticket to Heaven is obtained, not by goodness and kindness, but by believing that He is who He says He is and that He did what He said He did on the cross for us. PERIOD. It's actually the coolest way to make salvation available to each person on the planet. Why? Because, since we were all born into sin because of Adam's original sin, and we subsequently don't have the right to be with a holy, sinless God, He gave us all a universal tool that we can use to choose our own future--belief, or better said, choose to believe. Faith is chosing to believe without seeing the facts with our physical eyes.

Today, right now, can be the end of the old life you've been living and begin a new life with a relationship with your Creator, YHWH like was meant to be. Use this link to follow the steps and email me your decision. I'd enjoy hearing from you. By the way, Jesus loves you more than you can imagine and He did all this for you! Isn't that way cool!?


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