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Newsweek recently posted an opinion piece about the new global spiritual awakening in the midst of the corona-virus pandemic.The author was none other than Greg Laurie-one of the best known Christian pastors and authors of our time. The crux of the article was highlighting how in spite of the lock down which has kept us physically apart and physical church gatherings are off limits, this spiritual awakening has taken flight anyway. Pastor Laurie reveals how the newest generations find it completely natural to tune in to a digital "church service" and many of them are hearing the gospel for the first time by way of their smartphones or tablets. Laurie laments the temporary lack of physical gatherings, but rejoices in the great opportunity to reach those who otherwise may not have been reached otherwise.

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"As a millennial I understand in a way a Gen X or a Boomer doesn't (and probably a little less than a Gen Z) what it means to be digitally native. Doesn't it make sense, then, that God would bring about revival, a great new American Awakening, through our telephone and laptop screens?"

It's great to see this great awakening occurring during this awkward time. It all goes to show you can't keep a good God down. If you would like to understand more about who Jesus Christ is, what Christianity is all about, and what the Bible says about all this, then click here to learn more.

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