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Pastor Teh has been using The Roman Road to teach his youth in evangelism.


These are free downloads and printables that you can use to help share the gospel. You can keep them in your Bible or put them on your mobile device.

What is really going on right now around the world? Disease, economy, and global governance are in our face. Has the God of the Bible given us insights to this time at hand? Yes indeed.



Why Christians May Be Going Home Sooner Than Later

This outlines the order of events described in the Bible from the disappearance of millions of Christians around the world to the Lord Jesus' return in 7 years hence.

From Here to Eternity: God’s Timeline

You can present the gospel in a format nicknamed The Roman Road which refers to the path you can take them via the book in the Bible called Romans. It was actually an encouragement letter to the Christians in Rome that were being ill-treated or killed for being Christians.

You can view the text here.


The Roman Road


more to come . . .


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